Sneaker Tech: This Year’s 5 Best Sneakers with Technology

In the past, there were numerous predictions made of how sneakers in the future would look. And in the present, things are not too far off from what people expected them to be. Big sneaker brands are consistently breaking new ground when it comes to space-age innovations for their sneaker creations.

The sneakerheads today aren’t after gimmicks. They’re interested in having lightweight and fast sneakers which are also the picture of comfort. So far this past year, this is what they’ve got.

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%

Sneaker Tech: This Year’s 5 Best Sneakers with Technology

Nike is a dominant party in the sneaker market, and they’re always looking to improve their already super-speedy sneakers. They created the ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%, which has kicked up Nike’s running shoe performance by an additional 4% since the Nike Zoom Streak 6 (the previous fastest marathon shoe). The ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% has a lighter and more breathable Flyknit construction, which is appealing and durable. 

PEAK Future Fusion

The Chinese label, PEAK, introduced a 3D-printed upper, outsole, and lattice cushioning midsole to the sneaker world in 2019. It uses SLS and TPU material, which is similar to the hollow structure of Adidas’ 4D creations. 

Converse Renew

The world is looking to be more sustainable as a whole, and Converse is staying ahead of the game by adopting a more sustainable manufacturing process. They released their Renew sneakers, which have upcycled textiles, recycled PET, and a recycled cotton canvas blend. It is made from 100% recycled polyester, which comes from used plastic bottles.  


Sneaker Tech: This Year’s 5 Best Sneakers with Technology

PUMA took a big risk by modernizing the familiar hexagonal cushioning and leading the way to the future with LQD CELL. They retained the hexagon shape but provided extra stability with less movement under the foot and more absorption. The hexagonal cells are smaller in size when compared to the original version. When impacted, they compress and work together with the ProFoam technology for more energy return.

Nike Joyride Sneakers

Nike’s Joyride sneakers have been in development for the past ten years, and they feature thousands of candy-like plastic beads. These beads are shaped around your foot for more personalized cushioning and support. It feels better than it sounds, we promise!