Apple Is Planning to Build a Six-Story Hotel in Austin

The City of Austin recently approved a revised site plan for Apple to construct a 75,500 square foot, six-story hotel. This hotel will have 192 rooms, designated offices, and parking garages. The hotel will be located on Apple’s second Austin campus, which will be a total of three million square feet and one of the world’s most significant office buildings.

Apple campus in Austin, TX
Apple Is Planning to Build a Six-Story Hotel in Austin

Apple’s Latest Plans Don’t Include Electronics

In 2018, Apple submitted the original site plan, but at the time, the hotel was not included. The updated plan was approved on April 29th. The talk is Apple has always been a trendsetter and that their hotel proposal is another prime example of the brand continuing to stay ahead of the curve.

According to the plan, the new Austin campus will be completed in 2022. In the beginning, the campus will have 5,000 employees. However, over time, that number will grow to 15,000 employees.

Bird eye - new Apple campus
Apple Is Planning to Build a Six-Story Hotel in Austin

There are still no specifics regarding the hotel or what brand it will be. However, it’s presumed that the hotel will be used mainly for visiting employees and customers. It’s likely that the campus, which is located on 13 acres, will draw in many visitors.

Caring for Their Employees

It’s known that Apple employees travel for work between the campuses and often have to find hotel accommodations locally. This hotel construction project is a way in which Apple shows that they care for their employees. With the new hotel, they will have more control over where they will stay. This is especially important in a post-pandemic world as they can monitor the amenities and the cleanliness of the property.

Experts predict that we’ll be seeing more of this concept from other big tech firms. Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are some examples of companies that may follow the example of Apple.