Apple Is Expected to Embrace Mini-LEDs in a Major Way Soon

Apple Is Expected to Embrace Mini-LEDs in a Major Way Soon

Mini-LEDs are surely an upgrade on current LED backlighting in displays. The gist is that they are a fifth of the size of regular LEDs that are used in LCD panels. This makes backlighting far more precise. The results can be brighter than OLED panels, with similar color quality but far more affordable. The news comes from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He has a pretty good track record of calling what’s on deck for their products.

Kuo’s Prediction on Apple Products

Earlier in 2020, Kuo forecasted the six future Apple gadgets that would feature mini LED displays, with four of them coming out in 2021. He also stated that about 2 to 3 million mini-LED units will be shipped in 2021, and about 4 to 5 million in 2022. Now, Kuo expects that number to be much, much higher. He thinks that 10 to 12 million units will be shipped in 2021, and 25 to 28 in 2022.

If Kuo is right, we can soon expect to see two MacBook Pros with mini-LEDs next year, along with the more affordable version of MacBook Air in 2022 that is also equipped with a mini-LED display. Also, there is a totally new design for the Macbook Pro next year. It’s a great reason for many people to cool their jets on buying the first generation Apple silicone Macbook Pro, but this is not why Kuo decided to greatly increase his forecast.

Apple MacBook Pro
Apple Is Expected to Embrace Mini-LEDs in a Major Way Soon

In-House Processors = Affordable Prices?

On this front, Ming-Chi Kuo is citing a great adoption rate of MacBooks and lower-than-expected costs. The analyst points out that Macbook is selling better than the iPad and Apple Silicon is far more affordable than using processors from Intel. This means that Apple can add mini-LEDs way more quickly because their increased cost is offset by savings from switching to their in-house processors. Kuo explicitly says a “more affordable” MacBook Air is probably on the way, but it’s unclear whether these cost savings will translate into more affordable MacBooks too. At the very least, this might mean that implementing mini-LEDs won’t make their new MacBook Pros pricier than they already are.