Cops Concluded That Elon Musk’s “Not A Flamethrower” is a Flamethrower

When Elon Musk released his limited edition flame-throwing devices back in 2018, as a part of his Boring Company’s bizarre promotional gimmick, the product was officially called Not A Flamethrower. The company’s website pointed out that the device could now spew flames at long distances via flammable liquids but was originally designed to function as a large propane blowtorch. However, the cops in Italy and England disagreed with that statement, as they arrested people who were using the flamethrower improperly.

An American Attempted to Board a Party Bus in Italy With One of Elon Musk’s Flamethrowers

Man using the "Not a Flamethrower"
Apparently, a grown man from America was attempting to board a party bus in Italy with one of the devices that Elon Musk called Not a Flamethrower. To the cops that arrested him, the man looked like he was carrying a flamethrower. Dozens of others had faced similar legal challenges regarding the use and ownership of their Not A Flamethrower. Among those stories is a London man who had his home raided by police officers in tactical gear.

Meanwhile, Democratic lawmakers in the New York State Senate sponsored a bill that criminalized the ownership of the military-grade-looking device that Elon Musk refused to call a flamethrower. The bill says that the Boring Company released a flamethrower without showing concern to the training of the purchasers or the reasons they have for buying it. The bill establishes that using and owning a flamethrower will be viewed as a criminal act unless used for construction, agricultural, or historical collection purposes. The bill also restricted the use of the device to trained professionals.

Many Civilians Had Their Not a Flamethrower Confiscated By Law Enforcement

Man using "Not a Flamethrower"
While many civilians had their flamethrowers confiscated by law enforcement personnel due to a concern for public safety, some, like the aforementioned London man John Richardson, regained possession of the device. Richardson said in an interview that he was going to keep a low-profile with the device. He added that he would happily sit on it for a while and possibly sell it if there was profit to be made by doing so.