Drake and His Nike Collaboration for His Upcoming Album

Drake recently dropped his latest music video — “Laugh Now Cry Later” — which was filmed on Nike’s campus. Now, he’s dropping custom merch, in collaboration with Nike, for his new album Certified Lover Boy. The rapper has already gifted his closest friends and family merch, and it’s sad to say that the drop that fans are waiting for isn’t going to be as robust as what his friends got, but it’s still something fans will love.

Drake's New Merch
Drake and His Nike Collaboration for His Upcoming Album

Drake’s New Album and New Merch

Releasing merch, along with a new album, is something that many artists do nowadays. Artists like Travis Scott, Tyler the Creator, Maluma, Taylor Swift, and more have done it in the past, and they’re not the only ones. Because it’s gotten so out of hand, Billboard decided to change how album sales are counted, and they made it so that merch bundles weren’t included.

Drake and His Nike Collaboration for His Upcoming Album

Drake is onto something else, though. Not only is he releasing merch, but he’s also collaborating with Nike. His most recent track “Laugh Now Cry Later” was filmed on Nike’s campus, which ended up being one of the best Nike commercials to ever be made. Now, Drake is teasing fans with a new line for his new album Certified Lover Boy, which is said to be released in January 2021.

What’s Included in the Collaboration

The collaboration consists of quite a few items. It features a quilted jacket with a heart pattern, T-shirts, a white cap that has a kiss printed on it, and even socks. Due to how entwined the relationship has been between Drake and Nike, it has become hard to tell whether the shoe brand is promoting their new line or Drake is promoting his upcoming album drop.

However, the collaboration may only be available to Drake’s friends and family instead of it being an official release. Nike typically reserves its collabs for big shoe drops or when partnering up with fashion designers, such as Kim Jones from Dior, Alyx’s Matthew Williams, or Virgil Abloh.