Drake’s New Mansion Has a Pool is the Size of a Small Lake

Drake made the most of the beautiful Toronto weather by taking a dip in his brand new pool for the very first time. He posted to his Instagram account, mentioning that it’s his first dip of the summer and that it was actually his first time being out by his pool.

Drake’s New Mansion Has a Pool is the Size of a Small Lake

Drake’s Custom Mansion

Drake completed the construction of his multi-million dollar mansion in Toronto, Canada last October. Now that the weather warmed up, he was able to enjoy his pool. The pool is just as extravagant as the rest of his lavish mansion is. His mansion is known as “The Embassy.”

Posting to Instagram, Drake filmed a video from inside the pool as he swept across the 50,000 square foot property with the camera to give viewers a glimpse of just how incredible it is. The mansion was designed by Ferris Rafauli, a Canadian architectural and interior designer.

The mansion was first seen early in 2020 when Drake dropped the visuals for his latest song, “Toosie Slide.” He even got a profile done by Architectural Digest where he goes into further detail about his new home.

The Large Pool is Just the Beginning

Drake's mension as seen from a birds-eye view
Drake’s New Mansion Has a Pool is the Size of a Small Lake

The large size pool is not the only thing that draws in attention when it comes to Drake’s new mansion. The interior is just as extravagant. Drake defines the style of his home as “modern Art Deco.”

He has a multi-level closet, a 4,000-pound tub that is made of black marble, and lavish mirrors throughout his property. Drake stated that his home is full of overwhelming amounts of high luxury.

According to the singer, the bedroom is his favorite room in the entire property. He mentions that the bedroom is where he can go to decompress and the closet makes him want to talk to himself as he is getting dressed, and more.