Joe Rogan Fans Still Not Over the Spotify Exclusive Deal

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has recently moved exclusively to Spotify, and that has gotten fans angry. Despite it happening several months ago, critics of the decision are still calling for the show to return to YouTube. They are even bombarding his Instagram posts with questions like “Why leave YouTube?”

Joe Rogan Announced That the JRE Podcast Will Move to Spotify In May of 2020

Joe Rogan during a podcast episode Joe Rogan gave his fans more than enough time to digest the news that he would be moving the podcast to Spotify by announcing it way back in May. However, the big multi-year deal with the music platform did not come into play until December, when some fans started to really express their feelings on the matter.

Rogan promised to keep the show the same and said it would remain free-to-watch. Even though he kept that promise, fans are still complaining about the switch and how much inconvenience it caused them. Although people who want to watch the podcast will have to go to Spotify, the YouTube channel of the Joe Rogan Experience is still showing clips and highlights from the new podcasts as well as all the old ones.

Joe Rogan Is Also a Known Comedian and MMA Color Commentator

Joe Rogan during an event Being a podcast host, comedian, and mixed martial arts color commentator, Rogan is known for ignoring the remarks of his fans in the comments sections of his content. Fans wanting to see the Joe Rogan Experience back on YouTube will have to come to terms with the idea that it will not be happening any time soon, considering that the deal with Spotify is for several years.

If these complaints last and Joe Rogan decides to pay attention to them, he might decide to come up with something and return his content to YouTube in some form other than highlights. Currently, the Joe Rogan Experience is the biggest podcast out there, and by a large margin. However many fans disagree with its move to a different platform, it seems it will continue to be the number one podcast in America, as it is definitely keeping its audience.