Mark Watson Gets Candid About a Major Career Setback

Mark Watson is a British comedian and author who recently opened up about mental health and some struggles that he’s dealt with throughout his life. In his interview with Esquire, Watson mentioned that his agent fired him in 2013, which was a sudden change for the comedian since they had been working together for 9 years — since the very start of his career.

A closeup photo of Mark Watson
Mark Watson Gets Candid About a Major Career Setback

After the sudden change, Watson had felt lost and sought other representation; however, the people he approached weren’t interested. He mentioned that rejection within his industry results in depression for him. Watson also stated that he goes through occasional periods in which some of his bad habits tend to overwhelm him.

Mark Watson Dealing With His Bad Habits

Watson has always resorted to drinking when dealing with his problems. He has never turned to comfort eating or taken any other kind of substance. However, for Mark Watson, drinking was considered to be his happy place. It was more of a temporary fix for him, but it helped.

As he grew older, he began to realize his tendencies and resorted to running. Now, he runs about four times a week and even happens to be training for a marathon. While people often get trapped in their thoughts, Watson finds physical activity to help make his mind better.

Mark Watson sitting in a bath tub with his suit on and a laptop on his lap
Mark Watson Gets Candid About a Major Career Setback

While running, Watson doesn’t think about anything else except for how long he’s been running for, the pace he’s been running at, and how much water he should be drinking.

Getting Back On Track

After losing his agent and reaccessing is career options, he started to focus on doing things that he enjoyed. Mark Watson got a new agent and improved his mental health by being satisfied with the work he’d done each day. He also mentioned that the key to mental health is to find talk through it all.