The Rock’s Daughter Has Officially Signed With WWE

Simone Johnson is The Rock’s daughter, who just turned 18 years old and made him a truly proud father by following in his footsteps. Simone signed with WWE to begin her career as a professional wrestler and has already started training in Florida at the performance center.

The Rock and his daughter - Simone Johnson
The Rock’s Daughter Has Officially Signed With WWE

Being a #GirlDad

Following the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, GiGi, the hashtag #GirlDad really took off. It celebrated Kobe and his relationship with all of his daughters, especially GiGi, who passed away in the helicopter with him. The hashtag also celebrates all dad and daughter relationships. Kobe has always been vocal about his support for his daughters, dismissing the idea a boy had to carry on his legacy.

Gigi was ready to follow in Kobe’s footsteps by dreaming of playing college basketball at UCONN and then professionally in the WNBA. Only a few weeks before the tragedy, Kobe and Gigi were sitting courtside at a Lakers game where Kobe was pointing out certain highlights of the game.

The Rock is a fellow #GirlDad and is definitely feeling similar to the way Kobe felt knowing his daughter would follow him and his legacy.

The Rock’s Legacy Will Continue

Simone Johnson was the 2018 Golden Globe Ambassador
The Rock’s Daughter Has Officially Signed With WWE

Simone Johnson mentioned that signing with WWE means the world to her and that it’s so special to her because her family has a strong personal connection to wrestling. She mentions that she is grateful for the opportunity — not only to wrestle professionally but also to carry on the legacy of her family.

Aside from her dad, Simone’s grandfather and great-grandfather — “High Chief” Peter Maivia — have all wrestled professionally. Simone is now the first-ever fourth-generation wrestler in WWE history.

Simone posted a picture on her Instagram, announcing the big news wearing a WWE t-shirt, and The Rock has yet to comment on the news publicly.