5 Alarming Confessions From McDonald’s Employees That Can Make Us Think Twice

Keep These Confessions in Mind While Eating at McDonald’s

When it comes to fast food, McDonald’s is usually a safe bet if you want something quick and tasty. It’s a classic that’s been around for generations and their popularity doesn’t seem to be dwindling. Naturally, making something at home with fresh produce is a better way to eat something much healthier, but fast food is all about the convenience. However, for those who have wondered what exactly goes on behind the scenes, here are 5 confessions from their employees:

Onions at McDonald’s Aren’t Always What They Seem

Many of us love to add onions to our burgers, but as it turns out, they’re not always fresh onions. One of the produce managers said that the diced onions that they add to burgers actually arrive at the restaurant dehydrated. They are left to sit in a bucket of water and used when needed.

The Food Isn’t Always Fresh

Although fresh food tastes much better, that’s not always what clients receive. In many cases, the food that gets served has been sitting under a heat lamp for quite a while. However, there are times when McDonald’s restaurants expect “mystery shoppers” that are paid to rate the quality, so they pay extra attention and serve fresh food. This usually goes on between 12 and 2pm and 5 and 7pm.

The Secret to Getting Fresh Fries

Usually, fries are made in bulk and can end up waiting to be served for hours. Getting fresh fries is as simple as asking for unsalted fries. Since the fries they make get salted by default, they will have to make them fresh for your order!

Old Food Isn’t Always Thrown Out

The cooked food goes into a warming bin until it’s served. They’re supposed to throw that food out when the bin timer expires, but that’s only done if a health inspector or boss was there, an employee claims.

The Ice Cream Machine Might Not Be Very Clean

Many employees claim that cleaning the ice cream machine is complicated and not always given enough attention. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise when they tell us the machine isn’t working!