A New Console? Here Are Ways to Make Use of the Old PS4


Those who recently upgraded to a Sony PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, or Xbox Series X may wonder what to do with their old consoles. Why let them gather dust when there are options when it comes to what to do with them? Here are several ways you can still make use of your old PS4 or Xbox.

One option is, of course, to carry on gaming because you may have already built up a huge collection of titles that you should not let go to waste or unused. If you don’t want to move your games to your new console, gaming is still an option. You can still get hours and hours of fun out of your old console yet. However, if you do most of the gaming on the new console, you can turn it into a media center.

PS4 or Xbox Can Be the Focal Point in the Living Room

Netflix app on PS4
If you still want to hang on to your PS4 or Xbox, the obvious alternative use is as a media center. Both the Microsoft and Sony consoles support a bunch of music and video apps that you can carry on using while keeping the machine hooked up to a monitor or TV. Some of the TV shows and movies can be streamed on apps you can install on either of the consoles. This includes Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, YouTube, and HBO Max. Even Apple TV has now made its way to the Xbox One and PS4. On the music side, there is Pandora and Spotify on both consoles and SoundCloud on the Xbox One.

Donate it or Sale It

PS4 and Xbox One
If you don’t make use of your old PS4 or Xbox One, you can always sell or donate it. Donating can surely leave every person with a fuzzy glow but less cash. You should not have to look for long to find a close one who will gladly take it off your hands.