Video Game Developer Creates Charity Fundraiser For Stray Cats

There are plenty of charities designed to help people in need. There are also countless organizations working to help homeless pets find good homes. But, what about our furry, four-legged friends who live on the streets without anyone to provide food or care? That’s the question Stray publisher Annapurna Interactive posed when it decided to use its unique skill set to help cats in need.

The Game

Stray has been considered one of the most highly-anticipated games of the year, with virtual videos circulating the internet for what appears to be years now. However, Stray, released earlier this week, has gained a charitable driving force that gives us more reasons to support it. Annapurna Interactive has collaborated with Nebraska Humane Society and Cats Protection to come up with the game. Collectively, they have requested the gamers to come forwards and donate for cat rescue to animal shelters. In lieu of it, they can win a PS4 or a PS5 code and get access to Stray. The offer is no longer valid, but Nebraska Humane Society and Cats Protection will announce the winners of the six copies of the trending game.

Positive Reviews of the Game

The game has attained a unique set of fans in pets. Various gamers have put their short videos trying the new game while their pets seem transfixed and fascinated by the feline on-screen character.

Stray is the story of a stray cat who must unravel an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten cybercity and reach home. Keza McDonald, the Game reviewer from The Guardian, gave the game five stars. She added that Stray is an excellent example of how a change in perspective can breathe new life into a setting to which we’ve become accustomed.
The game has garnered a Metacritic rating of 84. It is a good score for a debut game, while the audiences have given it 8.6 out of 10.