TikTok’s Latest Trend ‘If I Was a…’ Has Taken Over the Platform

TikTok is an ever-changing platform. There’s no guarantee what will take off and what won’t, and the trends seem to change faster than the weeks of the year. The latest one to join this wagon is the ‘If I was a…’ trend set to the song “Run Boy Run” by Woodkid. Let’s dive in and learn more about this viral trend.

The Trend

For the ‘If I was a…’ trend, users compile a lot of photos and have them play at a fast-changing pace to demote certain things they could be. They try to depict what they could be if they were things like a color, a season, a book, an element, a school subject, food, a city, and a lot more. There are different versions of this trend, one wherein the user asks another person, like their partner or their best friend, to tell them what the best fitting answer is for the trend. There are also many who have just opted to do it alone, answering the question themselves.

The Idea

The trend has caught on fast, and essentially taps into a person’s individuality and gives them a chance to show off their personality, both things TikTok is famous for. However, this trend might be fun to do (and the “Run Boy Run” music just makes it all the more impactful), but it’s also true that making the video is extremely time-consuming. You need to add almost a hundred photos to get the entire feel of the video. People have taken it to other levels also, pitting their boyfriends and best friends to see who answers better. Some people who don’t have enough time have also offered other people to make the videos for them with the photos they’ll be provided. Overall, this trend is the perfect TikTok, it lets you explore yourself a little more, and will become obsolete in another month or so.