The Medical Reason Behind Why You Should Resist the Urge to Kiss Your Dog on Mouth

When it comes to our pet dogs, we often ignore the question of hygiene while cuddling them. But, according to medical experts, we should refrain from doing so, especially when kissing our dogs in the mouth. It’s already a pretty weird habit anyway! But, if you can count how many times your cute pup is licking its butt in a day, you may think twice before kissing it on the mouth ever. There’s also a serious medical reason why you should avoid kissing your dog on the mouth at any cost.

The Medical Cause

In his TikTok video, medical TikToker @medexplained2you clarified the reason why it’s time to kick off this habit of dog owners. The reason is pretty scary! As per him, you could lose your limbs over this apparently oh-so-cute habit! The bacteria in your dog’s mouth can pass to you easily, causing some gradual health issues. This bacteria can cause widespread systemic infection and septic shock. Depending on the infection’s speed of progress and diagnosis, it can even cause gangrene. Then, in extreme conditions, amputation may become the last resort.

The Expert Backing

Now, it’s not about just one content creator’s claims. Even the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has backed up this claim with an alteration. According to their medical experts, the germs in question are named Capnocytophaga and rarely spread to people through close contact, bites, or scratches from a cat or a dog, causing illnesses like sepsis. But, they have reminded us that such extreme conditions are fairly rare. The people having difficulty in fighting off infections due to weakened immunity, or the patients with cancers or certain steroid medications, are at greater risk from such animal-caused illnesses. Anyway, we know your pup is adorable, but why risk a nasty infection just to have a slobbery kiss?