Old Dog Is Taken By a Hawk, But Then Found in Good Health

No one could have seen this coming: an adorable sixteen-year-old-dog who’s deaf and blind managed to survive the attack and abduction of a hawk. This took place last week when the bird snatched up the toy poodle with the adorable name Porschia, while she was sitting on the porch.

Missing dog found
Old Dog Is Taken by a Hawk, But Then Found in Good Health

The Dog Seemed to Have Vanished Into Thin Air

Porschia is the dog of Deborah Falcione, a Whitehall, Pennsylvania citizen, who was worried sick over the disappearance of her canine friend. Deborah spent many hours searching for Porschia in the surrounding area but failed to find any clues to the disappearance of her dog. As the temperatures fell below freezing point, she feared the worst-case scenario.

However, some 28 hours after Porschia disappeared, Falcione got a shocking call from the local veterinary clinic. The veterinarians said that the senior pup was in their care and in good health. Deborah couldn’t believe it because she thought even the cold temperature itself might have been too dangerous. Even so, the blind and deaf, six-and-a-half-pound poodle, was alive and well after all.

A Friendly Neighbor Managed to Find the Old Poodle

It turned out that a neighbor found Porschia when the hawk dropped her, and she fell into a nearby yard. This was just a few blocks away from Falcione’s home, and the neighbor took the dog to the nearby veterinary clinic.

Old Dog Is Taken by a Hawk, But Then Found in Good Health

At first, the disabled dog was somewhat lethargic while resting in the heating tank of the clinic, but given her incredible ordeal, her health was surprisingly good. Falcione has no idea how her dog could get away from a hawk and survive the fall, but she thanks the grace of God that it did. Although hawks hunting for house pets sounds like an urban legend, in recent decades, one plucked two small dogs from a Boston neighborhood while another took a Pomeranian from its home.