Supreme Sold a Brick for $1,000 and Everyone Is Losing It

The Supreme brand started out in 1994 as a small clothing and skateboard shop in SoHo, New York. Now, it is a brand that is admired by all street-fashion enthusiasts, not only skate enthusiasts. While some people point out that it’s one of the biggest streetwear fashion brands in the world, aside from clothing and accessories, the brand releases products that frankly serve no purpose whatsoever. There are branded hammers and even a calculator that they have released, which has gained a lot of attention.

Supreme Sold a Brick for $1,000 and Everyone Is Losing It

Their randomly branded products have become a sort of joke in the streetwear community — however, it is a way for the company to validate claims by haters that people will buy anything with Supreme’s box logo on it. They even began making items for camping, which came in handy when consumers used them while camping out in line before drop days.

The Supreme Brick

One of the most recent releases by the brand was a brick. It ended up selling out online within minutes. When such an anticipated product, like many other products by Supreme, sells out, it often goes up for resale by those that were able to get their hands on it the first time around. These products will often resell with a profit for the seller. 

Shortly after the release, the brick was found on eBay and Depop listings. One reseller had listed the brick for $1,000!

Supreme Sold a Brick for $1,000 and Everyone Is Losing It

An Opportunity for Stylish Home Decor

There was quite a long line outside of the London Supreme store on the day of the release. However, not everyone was there for the brick release. Those that were able to get their hands on the brick mentioned that they were excited about their purchase. Others said that the brick would look good when placed on their bedside table.