Here’s How You Can Take Care of Your Dyed Hair

Dyed hair gives an individual a unique look and enhances their overall personality. Anyone who decides to have dyed hair ultimately has to deal with the issue of maintaining the dyed hair so that the color and the shine last for a long time. One standard advice that hair experts give is to always consult an expert. People often decide to opt for DIY hair coloring jobs, but they often miss crucial steps leading to damaged hair. According to celebrity colorist and educator Rebekah Norris, the following points can be kept in mind while opting for hair color:

Heat Protection

The majority of the people can take care of their dyed hair by wisely selecting the Big Three, i.e. heat protection, dry shampoo and masks. Each step has its own set of advantages; the first step is heat protection. Exposure to any heat source can damage the hair color, so you should opt for heat-protecting products like spray or oil. They’re helpful as they give the hair a protective barrier, seal the cuticle, and lock in the hair color.

Dry Shampoo and Hair Masks

Next in hair care comes dry shampoo. If you have an oily scalp, dry shampoos are the go-to product. They also give hair an extra lift, as they absorb excessive sebum at the hair roots. In addition, with dry shampoos, you can avoid over-shampooing which leads to color loss. Lastly, opt for color-friendly masks. A hair mask is one of the best gifts you can give yourself if you have dyed hair. The mask that targets bleached hair can help your hair recover from color processing damage.

Use Color Safe Shampoo and Conditioner

The frequency of hair washing is a personal choice but you should remember to use a shampoo that’s free of sulfates and surfactants (SLSs). Products without these ingredients are soft on hair and will help you prolong the hair color.

Future Care

Apart from these, Rebekah advises to get touch-ups every month or two, get UV protection, especially during the summer, use products from professional styling brands, consider using a shower filter, and get regular haircuts to maintain the ratio of dyed and natural hair. You must keep in mind that products alone cannot keep your dyed hair looking great. Great colored hair is the result of a lot of care and effort. Using the products as per the hair type, keeping them clean and tangle-free, and having haircuts at regular intervals, are necessary to ensure the longevity of dyed hair.