Austin Ekeler Shares Diet While Streaming His Workouts

Staying in shape while playing for the NFL is crucial for any athlete. For Austin Ekeler, it’s also a priority as he approaches his fourth year playing for the NFL, which he wants to be in peak shape for. Last season, the football star had a breakout season. He recorded making 92 receptions, which made him the second-highest in the league behind Christian McCaffrey form the Carolina Panthers. Ekeler also signed a four-year deal for $24.5 million to return to the Chargers.

Austin Ekeler from the Carolina Panthers
Austin Ekeler Shares His Diet While Streaming His Workouts

Other stars like Melvin Gordon and quarterback Phillip Rivers have both left the L.A. Chargers, which would make Ekeler the focal point of the team this season. While Austin Ekeler was planning on having a weight room-heavy offseason, his plans had to be adjusted because of the social distancing measures that had to be taken.

Despite everything going on, Austin Ekeler started more of an unorthodox workout regime. Like most gamers, Ekeler began streaming his workouts, too.

Austin Ekeler Streaming Workouts

Ekeler mentions that finding an open gym during this time is practically impossible, which leaves him to workout with some small weights at home. He also stated that he started his Twitch streaming channel prior to social distancing because he wanted people to know that he is also a gamer.

Austin Ekeler
Austin Ekeler Shares His Diet While Streaming His Workouts

However, aside from streaming his gaming skills, he also wanted to stream the workouts that he had been doing in order to have a different interaction with his viewers.

Austin Ekeler’s girlfriend is a personal trainer and has been helping him train by coming up with aerobic and full-body exercises.

Following Strict Diets

Ekeler’s girlfriend is 100% vegan, which resulted in him being recently introduced to more plant-based foods. He has cut out most processed and sugary foods but still enjoys the occasional pizza and ice cream. Austin Ekeler’s go-to food is a bowl of some kind — with rice, ground turkey, and other toppings.