WWE Wrestler Cedric Alexander Finally Got a Heel Turn

The WWE typically waits a while before they choose to turn a Superstar heel. However, in some cases, they decide to schedule a heel turn without any reasoning or build behind it. When it came to Cedric Alexander, WWE didn’t hesitate to have him join The Hurt Business. A heel turn is an instance when a hero turns into a villain. For instance, a wrestler that has been cast as a hero, shifts character and adopts a villain persona. This can happen suddenly and be a shocking move in most cases.

WWE Has a New Member of The Hurt Business

WWE Cedric Alexander 2019
WWE Wrestler Cedric Alexander Finally Got a Heel Turn

Alexander officially joined The Hurt Business, and he recently commented on his big heel turn, saying that he needed a change of pace when it came to his career. He was interested in feeling the aggression again, and being part of the Hurt Business would allow him to “let loose” once again.

He also talked about how he’d have a chance to show the people a new side of him that they weren’t used to seeing. His career in amateur wrestling during his high school and college years was what got him to love wrestling in general. Being on the mat and feeling the aggression was a thrill. Before, he couldn’t let the aggression out as a “hero,” but now, as a “villain” with The Hurt Business, he could let it all out. Cedric Alexander also said that sometimes being a bad guy felt a lot better.

It’s believed that The Hurt Business might even be heading toward the RAW Tag Team Titles.

Cedric Alexander’s WWE Career

Ariya Daivari and Cedric Alexander
WWE Wrestler Cedric Alexander Finally Got a Heel Turn

Over the past few years, Cedric Alexander has been up against some of WWE and NXT’s most elite wrestlers, including AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, and even Tommaso Ciampa. He has striking kills, including aerial ability and heart. He is a Charlotte native and has gone up against Kota Ibushi while earning the respect of Triple H, who is WWE’s COO.