ESPN Is Working on a New Documentary Series About Tom Brady

ESPN recently aired a documentary based on Michael Jordan, his life, career, and, more specifically, his NBA legacy. The Last Dance was broadcast in full on the network, and it gained a lot of attention from NBA and sports fans as a whole. Now, the ESPN network is working on a new docu-series, but this time it’s on Tom Brady.

Tom Brady on the field
ESPN Is Working on a New Documentary Series About Tom Brady

The Man in the Arena: Tom Brady

Based on the ESPN news, the docu-series will be called The Man in the Arena: Tom Brady, and it will consist of nine total episodes. These nine episodes match the nine appearances that Tom Brady had in the Super Bowl. It is a series that will be produced by none other than ESPN, along with 199 Productions, Brady’s production company, as well as Gotham Chopra of Religion of Sports.

Brady mentioned that there were a few key moments and some challenges they were trying to define throughout the series. Those moments were too great to overcome. Still, through perseverance and hard work, they became some career-defining triumphs.

A Legend on the Football Field

Tom Brady in a gesture of celebration while on the football field
ESPN Is Working on a New Documentary Series About Tom Brady

Tom Brady has six Super Bowl rings and more NFL titles than any other player in the league. Even at the age of 42, he is still playing in the league also though he recently left the team Brady had been with since he first started in 2000, the New England Patriots. Brady’s career isn’t going to end soon as he signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a two-year deal after mentioning that he was open to calling somewhere else home.

The new ESPN documentary, The Man in the Arena, will show fans a rather rare look into the quarterback’s life, which he tends to keep entirely private. Tom Brady reflects on each one of his Super Bowl appearances in the documentary.