Baby Aardvark Welcomed at a British Zoo, Christened With the Cutest Name

Baby Aardvark Welcomed at a British Zoo, Christened With the Cutest Name

Dobby is back, and this time he’s back in the form of an aardvark! This adorable little aardvark is the newest addition to the Chester Zoo in England. He has been named after the beloved house-elf, or should after a hero, from the bestselling Harry Potter series. And this one is as cute as him!

The Newborn

As soon as the zoo authority spotted the new baby next to the mother, they were sure what they were going to call the calf. Dobby, the baby aardvark, bears a striking resemblance to his namesake from the movies. Team Manager Dave White has commented that the gender of the aardvark is yet undetermined, and will be certain when it is a little older.

The Parents

This adorable aardvark baby was born to parents Oni and Koos, on January 4 of this year. Oni is the eight-year-old mom of the newborn, while Koos is its six-year-old dad. According to the zoo authority, aardvarks are not known for their gentle parenting. Instead, they are mostly notoriously clumsy around their babies. Well, it seems Dobby reincarnated is in for a bumpy ride!

The Special Care

As they are well-aware of the nature of aardvarks, the zoo authorities have arranged special care for Dobby. They have established a carefully monitored newborn nurturing schedule for the young calf. The zoo staff members are also working around the clock to feed the baby aardvark every few hours. This feeding continues throughout the night, as aardvarks are nocturnal species. During the daytime, the baby and the mom snuggle together in their enclosure. During the night though, when the parents go out exploring and feeding, zookeepers put Dobby in an incubator. According to the zoo authority, the process has to continue for about five weeks.

The Species

Baby Aardvark Welcomed at a British Zoo, Christened With the Cutest Name

Aardvarks are one of the endangered species of the world. There are only 109 aardvarks, including Dobby, currently living in several zoos all around the world. 66 of them are in zoos across Europe. Typically found in sub-Saharan Africa, these nocturnal animals are facing existential danger day by day due to habitat loss. Scientists have not yet discovered much about the aardvark species, because of their highly secretive nature. The birth of a new aardvark calf, like Dobby, is no doubt good news to battle the existential crisis of the whole species. Scientists are also working to acquire more knowledge about the species, as they are now getting more chances to observe their behavioral and habitual patterns.