Kendrick Lamar Is to Make a Live-Action Comedy With South Park Creators

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Amidst the mounting anticipation for his new album, Kendrick Lamar has made an announcement of a new left-field project. This project is a live-action comedy-drama film, where Lamar is going to serve as a producer, alongside Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the celebrated creator duo of South Park.

The Film

According to the Variety source, the plot of the film centers on a young man and the collision of his past and present. As per the revealed gist of the storyline, the protagonist is an intern at a living history museum, as a slave re-enactor. One day, he discovered that his own ancestors were once owned by the ancestors of his current white girlfriend. The plot seems to reflect the recent trend of Hollywood to address racial issues through well-made genre films like Get Out, Antebellum, and many others. Antebellum also dealt with historical reenactment and trauma of slavery, but in a predominantly horror style. Instead, Lamar’s new film with South Park creators sounds more like Sorry to Bother You of 2018, which used absurdist dark humor to satirize racism in the workplace.

The Production

Matt Stone and Trey Parker Are Teaming Up With Lamar for a New Project

The film will be produced under the banner of PGLang, the newly founded media company in 2020. Last October, Lamar announced his departure from his longtime label home TDE. As anticipated, PGLang is most probably going to be involved from now on in the release of Lamar’s future music albums, though the company has already clarified its position in the market as ‘not a record label.’ But with Lamar’s cousin Baby Keem’s debut album under their banner already, perceptions may change. The script of the movie is set to be penned by Vernon Chatman, a longtime collaborator of Parker and Stone. This project is a significant breakthrough for this creator duo, whose works have largely stayed till now within the realm of animation like South Park. The production of the new film is scheduled for this spring, but may be altered due to the ongoing pandemic situation.