UCLA Softball Star Maya Brady Is Praised by Uncle Tom Brady

While Tom Brady may be considered to be the greatest NFL quarterback of all time, he isn’t the best athlete in his family. The 7-time Super Bowl champion has a niece named Maya Brady that plays softball for UCLA, and according to Tom, she’s the most dominant athlete in the Brady family.

Maya Brady playing softball for the UCLA Bruins.
UCLA Softball Star Maya Brady Is Praised by Uncle Tom Brady

Maya Brady Hits Her First Home Run of the Season

Tom Brady made his comment about his niece Maya after she hit her first longball of the 2021 season. The Super Bowl MVP retweeted a tweet about Maya Brady and added how she’s the most dominant athlete in the family.

Maya is a redshirt sophomore at UCLA, where she plays softball. She’s the daughter of Maureen, who is Tom Brady’s older sister. Maya is 5-foot-10-inches tall and plays as a centerfielder for the Bruins. In 2020, she earned the Softball America Freshman Player of the Year honors. This came after she hit 7 home runs and 28 RBIs in her first UCLA season. She holds a .356 batting average as well as a .699 slugging percentage.

Athleticism Runs in the Brady Family

Maya Brady
UCLA Softball Star Maya Brady Is Praised by Uncle Tom Brady

It’s nothing new for Tom to be pointing out the amazing athletic ability of his niece. In fact, in 2019, when Tom Brady was still playing for the New England Patriots, he told the Boston Globe that Maya Brady was the most athletic in the family. However, for Maya, Tom is her favorite athlete, as per her Bruins athlete profile page.

While the uncle-niece duo is quite the athletic pair, they’re not the only ones in the family with athletic abilities. Maureen, Maya’s mom, attended Fresno State where she was an All-American softball pitcher. Tom’s brother-in-law and Maya’s uncle, Kevin Youkilis, is a three-time MLB All-Star and also a two-time World Series champ who mainly played for the Boston Red Sox.

While Tom is shouting out Maya Brady for her incredible athleticism, she still has a long sophomore season to come. It’s presumed that Tom will have a lot more justification for his claim to come.