Everyone’s Losing It Because a Supreme Brick Sold for $1,000

Supreme is a brand that started up in 1994 as a skateboard shop and small clothing store in the SoHo neighborhood of New York. Today, it is a brand that is widely admired by many main street-fashion enthusiasts worldwide. It is no longer a shop only for skateboarders because their clothing and items now appeal to a wider audience.

A man holding the Supreme brick
Everyone’s Losing It Because a Supreme Brick Sold for $1,000

Aside from selling what they are most known for, basic skater-chic clothing and accessories, Supreme is also known for releasing limited items and products that serve practically no purpose at all. From calculators to hammers, and more. Despite how random and purpose-less these products were, they were still gaining a lot of attention.

Supreme’s random products have easily become a joke in the streetwear community, but for the brand itself, it validates that the hater’s claims are true as people will buy practically anything with a Box Logo on it. After noticing the hype surrounding their products (random ones included), the brand took it another step further by releasing camping gear. Why camping gear? So people can purchase them to camp outside of Supreme stores as they wait for the next release.

Supreme Released a Brick

A brick was one of the most recent drops by the Supreme brand. It sold out within minutes on their website. Like other Supreme products, this brick had a lot of anticipation and hype surrounding it, which opened up the market for resellers as they can gain profit.

Supreme brick buyer
Everyone’s Losing It Because a Supreme Brick Sold for $1,000

After the release, the brick was listed on sites like eBay and Depop. There was one reseller who had the Supreme brick listed for a whopping $1,000.

What To Do With the Brick

People bought the brick without putting much thought into what they will do with it. Some were excited to use it for home decor, while others were eager to add it to their collections.